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We support and encourage

NICET Certification


The goal of this class is to provide a balance of theory and practical application that will aid in the proper design and installation of CCTV / VSS systems. We take highly technical subjects and demystify them by using animations, video clips, live demonstrations and hands-on exercises so that the average installer or salesperson will have no problem absorbing them.

By examining each topic in a logical order, building on our knowledge as we go, we include topics such as the elements that make up a video signal, how light and lenses work and the various cabling and communication options that are available. We visit the world of TCP/IP and explain the basics of networking as it relates to Video Security Systems. We review the tools needed to do the job properly and the portions of the NEC and OSHA that are relevant to our trade.  We examine the elements that allow us to design, sell, install, test, commission, train and trouble-shoot a complete system in a safe and professional manner.

Each person will be exposed to the proper methods to back-focus and focus lenses, attach BNC and RJ45 connectors, port-forward a router, discuss items to consider in designing systems, use specialized meters and tools, learn tricks of the trade and share useful experiences with the instructor and others. Attendees will learn about important business issues such as the true cost of the employee to the company and the importance of professional presentation and customer relations.

Many experienced people have been shown “how”, but never taught “why.” Often the “how” is incorrect. We try to explain the “hows” and “whys” in a manner that will be meaningful to people at all levels of experience.